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Electric Vehicles And Charging Station
Online and Hybrid Mode Training

  • Content: Basics of Project Management,
  • EV Stakeholder lists,
  • EV SWOT Analysis,
  • EV Policies,
  • EV Implementation Roadmap,
  • Sustainability,
  • ROI Case Study,
  • Total Cost of Ownership Concept,
  • Case Study, EV Charging Station Project(Process & Roadmap),
  • Benefits of EV Adoption,Premium Charging Station,
  • Challenges in EV Industry,
  • Constraints in EV Industry,
  • AOB etc..

Course Introduction:

e-Mobility in India is very soon going to bring massive disruption in the entire Automobile Sector of the country. With the change being unavoidable, it is the need of the hour for the people of the country to respond and adapt to this change positively. Hence, it provides an opportunity to learn new aspects of “e-Mobility” with regard to Battery Chemistry, Technology, Battery Management Systems, Charging Infrastructure, Last Mile Connectivity, etc

In view of this, it is imperative for all the stakeholders to understand the principle, policies, functional aspects, technical aspects, project business & safety aspects related to the EV segment.

We already have about 400,000 EVs on the road which is about 1% of the total vehicles on the road and the Government of India has plans to increase it to up to 15% by the year 2024. This would imply that there would be a huge demand for all the EV-related product and services. I was told, Govt of Karnataka is also planning to amend the Bye-Laws of Apartments, whereby it shall be made mandatory for all the apartments to set up Public Charging Stations within the premises of the apartments!

With this huge potential existing in EV Industry, we cordially invite you to join this ‘Practical EV Training cum Workshop event” and enlighten yourself with the practical knowledge shared by our well-experienced Industrial experts.


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Online and Hybrid Mode Training”

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